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The Henry Soffet Project - LIVE AT THE GEM

Born out of a few old dusty notebooks in a sleepy Austin, Texas fixer upper, the songs and spirit of Henry Soffet were discovered by Chance Kuehn during his stint in the city. Henry was the brother of a top government intelligence officer. Living in a shadow, his existence was hidden under mountains of paperwork and the fraternal secrets of our nations protectors. This was nothing new to the shy Henry Soffet. Hidden away in his home, Henry occupied his time by writing songs to the woman he loved, but could never muster the courage to bring those songs to light.

Upon returning to Waynesville, North Carolina, Chance uncovered the old notebooks and decided to do what Henry couldn’t. He stole away to a secluded cabin for a week living off of stale beer rotisserie chickens and emerged with a number of songs. Knowing he couldn’t follow Henry’s path and leave these songs unheard, Chance assembled a backing band to tell one story that intertwines two souls.

So what is Henry Soffet and Company? It’s an experience. It’s a collective of experiences. It’s equal parts Americana and Blues, Roots and Rock. Moreover, it is a way to express, and to receive expression, a way to bring people together and enjoy music and communion with each other.

Henry Soffet and Company is located in the Western region of the mountains of North Carolina and consists of Chance Kuehn, David Merrell, Grady Wiley, and Aaron Gillespie.

Earlier Event: July 12
Later Event: July 20
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